• Inclusion of track-bound rail vehicles by lifting devices and / or air cushions up to 80 t weight with and without bogies
  • 5 synchronized lifting devices for up to 140 t and overhead cranes for up to 50 t
  • Pit tracks with a total length of 450 m
  • Calibrated zero track (75 m) with weighbridge (dynamic) for axle and wheel loads
  • Bogie workshop with bench
  • Electrical workshop with testing facilities and 1000 V test track (60 m)
  • High flexibility due to 48 working stalls
  • Welding equipment with 3 work stands of 30 m length each
  • Sand blasting shop for track-bound vehicles (60 m)
  • Paint shop for track-bound vehicles with preparation for painting and drying (60m)
  • 30 m climate chamber (+15 to +55 °C)
  • Wash bay for rail vehicles (90 m)
  • Very large high-bay warehouse for provision of customer-specific parts



Would you like to meet us at Innotrans 2016?

Feel free to come by! We are looking forward to sharing with you our developments in the areas of mechanical engineering and rail construction at the Innotrans trade show!

Hall 25, booth no. 320
Outside area T9 / 45+46