Here you can find download links to our brochures and flyers. 

OWS Brochure (de/eng)

General survey of the company

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OWS Refurbishment

A conversion for the future

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OWS Rail vehicle services (de/eng)

OWS repairs, modernizes, restores, constructs, and manufactures a wide variety of rail vehicles such as locomotives, railcars, wagons and track laying machines.

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OWS Container-sized tipping wagon (de/eng)

The OWS tipping wagon is a means of transport for various bulk goods.

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OWS Dust-control-system (de/eng)

Low-dust work in the rail construction industry – OWS uses innovation to make rail construction cleaner.

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OWS NDT test rig

This innovative test rig by OWS facilitates easy non-destructive testing for your test technicians.

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OWS modular auger wagon (ULW)

The auger wagon developed by OWS makes critical construction procedures easier.

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OWS hand-held track grinder

The flexible settings and wide range of options boasted by the affordable hand-held track grinder developed by OWS seamlessly combine track work performed manually and by machine.

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